Want to get buzzin’ with our new Camden Beeline?
The Camden Beeline is a new joint Think & Do and Camden Clean Air project which aims to increase biodiversity across Camden schools by creating a connected pollinator pathway of trees, plants and rewilded space. Their Camden Beeline map will link up green spaces all over the borough, creating a better environment for both the people and the wildlife of Camden. As they connect our green spaces, they connect our community.
Rewilded green spaces are also incredibly important for air quality, and post-Covid, we have all become increasingly aware of the impact of enhanced green space on student wellbeing.
Whatever space you have at your school – no matter how big or small, the Camden Beeline volunteers are there to help.

Don’t know where to start rewilding at your school? Camden Beeline volunteers are happy to pay a site visit and can even supply free seeds. Please email

Join the Camden Beeline today and they will add you to the BeeLine map. Together, let’s get rewilding and buzzing.

CAMDEN FOREST – Bare-root Tree Whip Giveaways

Camden Forest is a project to tackle the climate and ecological emergency by planting 2025 trees around the borough by the year 2025. To date Camden Forest volunteers have given away over 1,000 two-year-old bare-root ‘whips’. The trees were provided free of charge by the Trust for Conservation Volunteers. To see how their forest has taken root across the borough click here

For the winter 21/22 season the Camden Forest project plans to give out another 500 tree whips thanks to sponsorship from the KOKO Foundation. There will be ten giveaways across the borough. For a list of where we will be handing out trees, get in touch with Camden Forest.

They will also be giving out free fruit trees to schools. If you work with a school and would like a free fruit tree, please contact them. 


The Camden Forest team are also launching a new project for the winter 22/22 season, in which larger trees will be planted in two estates around the borough, supported by the KOKO Foundation. Teenagers living on the estates will be paid to water the trees and look after them. Rewilding our estates, and our young tree guardians.

How To Get Involved

  • Could you host a tree giveaway in your area?
  • Would you like to join our Camden Forest group who meet every 3 weeks?
  • Do you work at a school and would like free trees?
  • Do you know a space on your estate to have some trees planted?
    Please contact them via


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