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21 JULY 2020

Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum’s (DPNF) short survey is designed to test the water on the Dartmouth Park community’s views on traffic and travel in our area in response to the twin emergencies of coronavirus and climate change.

Whilst the past few months have been difficult in numerous ways, many people have appreciated the lack of traffic and the noticeable improvement in air quality.  People are also worried that traffic levels will return worse than before if people are reluctant to use public transport.  And they want to make the trading environment for our local businesses as attractive as possible as the recovery gathers pace.

Communities across London are seeing benefits of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.  These are where through traffic is cut from an area whilst access for residents, visitors, deliveries is freely allowed.   Where they have been implemented in Waltham Forest, streets are safer, air quality has improved, businesses are thriving, and more people are making greener, healthier travel choices.  You can see more information in this very short film:

The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum’s Neighbourhood Plan passed a local referendum in February with over 1000 votes cast, 88% in favour.  The Plan includes several policies and projects that support walking and cycling, traffic reduction, our local businesses and healthy lifestyles – all of which have become more important since then.

The findings of this survey will be passed to Camden Council to allow them to consider what, if any, interventions they can make on a temporary or trial basis.

The survey will close on 31 July.  It should take less than 10 minutes to complete. 

One respondent will receive a voucher worth £20 to spend in the local shop or business of their choice!

We would love to hear your views on how we can make Dartmouth Park an even better place to live.

Please take the survey here.

Kathleen Molnar – DPNF Communications Lead