6 Replies to “Sign the Petition Rethink Murphy’s Yard”

  1. A high rise building is absolutely wrong for the area. Low lying organic buildings that for the lie of the land and add to the meandering pathway train track and can be set back in gardens with outdoor space and workshops for low income creatives starting out. Bring back the creativity to the area. This is what makes a community!

  2. Please go back to the plans for Murphy’s Yard , keeping your focus firmly on the impact on the local community e.g. Kentish Town City Farm, support services, volume of traffic on roads, schools, medical services etc.

  3. I have already submitted comments to Camden as I feel this plan needs to be reconsidered

  4. As a Mansfield rd resident I oppose to plans for Murphys yd. Reasons being: Already a congested rd. This will add to more pollution.
    High rises will spoil the area. There’s not enough infrastructure to have lots more people living there.

  5. Unnecessary unsightly high rise buildings causing excess traffic, light blocking, shade etc. Negative impact on historic local venues/services/ facilities area – eg Kentish Town city farm, Parliament hill lido . Suggest looking to redeveloped areas such as Kings Cross Granary sq/Coal Drops Yard for inspiration and not these plans

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