Assets of Community Value

The Localism Act 2011 requires local authorities to keep a list of assets of community value. This means buildings or other land. The current list can be viewed here:

Community groups such as DPNF can ask the council to list land or a building as an asset of community value. If the asset goes up for sale, the community are offered 6 months to develop a proposal and raise money to bid for it. This is known as the ‘community right to bid’. Once an asset has been placed on the Council’s list of ACVs it will usually remain there for five years before a renewed application is required.

If you are wish to nominate a building or other asset in the DPNF area to be an asset of community value and would like the forum to submit it, contact Maya de Souza & Jessica Jacobs at

Current Assets in your area

Dartmouth Arms 35 York Rise NW5 1SP

The People’s Gospel Mission Hall Winscombe Street N19 5DG

Parliament Hill Lido Parliament Hill Fields NW5 1NA

Mortimer Terrace Nature Reserve Mortimer Terrace NW5 1LN

The Star Pub Chester Road N19 5DF

Lapsed ACVs

Mansfield Road Bowling Club Croftdown Road NW5 1EP