Planning applications

This page provides information on selected planning applications either within or affecting the area covered by the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan, together with a summary of DPNF comments.

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Application Summary of proposal & DNPF commentsOutcome
2020/3461/P Camden has proposed redevelopment of 2 Chester Road to provide a hostel for the temporary accommodation of homeless families.  The development would comprise 50 new dwellings in three blocks (3 and 4 storeys) arranged around a central communal garden.  The application proposes demolition of the existing building, until recently used as a hostel for single person temporary accommodation. Though DPNF recognises that provision of a facility of this nature is consistent with the objective of the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan to support a variety of housing and community facilities in the area, we do not support the development as currently proposed. This is on the following grounds: the test for demolition in relation to the existing well-designed building has not been met, the proposed development is excessively large and domineering for the site, the design does not meet the standard that we would expect of social housing of this nature in terms of space and provision such as balconies, and the design including the materials proposed for the facade are out of keeping with the character of the area. 
Haddo House
Telecoms antennas on roof.Refused
16 St Alban’s Road
Cycle & bin store in front garden. SUPPORT The Neighbourhood Plan supports the principle of improved cycling facilities. The applicant’s proposal appears to be appropriately sited and well designed.Granted
Discharge of condition for Demolition Management Plan. OBJECT On the basis that the condition has not been met. The DPNF submitted extensive comments on the DPM (03/05/20) in response to a public consultation. Among the major issues addressed were the safety of the access route and proposed traffic movements, the lack of detail on dust and noise pollution monitoring, lack of clarity on working hours, and plans for reuse or recycling of materials. As far as we are aware these comments and those of residents in the area have not been addressed. Also the application was received on 17/04/20, which was before the public consultation was even completed.Granted
103 & 105 Highgate Road
Change of use of ground floor retail unit (A1 use) at no 105 to restaurant (extension to existing Rosellas)The application site falls within the Highgate Road Neighbourhood Centre. The scheme would help achieve the objectives of Chapter 6 of the Plan (which sets out a vision for thriving local centres) and policy CE1 (which seeks to encourage independent businesses). The proposed development would achieve these objectives by helping to ensure the success of a popular local restaurant which contributes to the vitality of the neighbourhood, by improving the shop frontage and by encouraging an independent business. SUPPORT, subject to the Council ensuring that the development will not result in intrusive noise or smells for local residents.
59 Spencer Rise
Erection of mansard roof extension with dormer windows to front and rear. Generally supported as not in violation of Policies DC2, DC3, DC4, H1.
49 Spencer Rise
Erection of mansard roof extension with dormer windows to front and rear. Generally supported as not in violation of Policies DC2, DC3, DC4, H1.

If you would like to discuss a planning application or a pre-planning matter, please get in touch with the DPNF Planning and Development Sub-Group. It is responsible for DPNF’s role as statutory consultee. To get in touch with this group, please email: